Avert Diabetes


This course is intended for individuals who want to take lifestyle changes seriously.  When they are told they are diabetic or nearing diabetes, most of the time, we are told diet and exercise.  What does it really mean to reverse diabetes?  What does it really take to prevent diabetes.  This is comprehensive course that will provide clarity.  This will give individuals and knowledge how to navigate blood sugar through lifestyle changes.

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

Welcome to Basics of Diabetes?

In this Lesson, we will define Diabetes, Prediabetes, Remission and Reversal
DM basics
insulin resistance


This is always the question. What can I eat to control sugar or prevent me from worsening my sugar or prevent me from having diabetes

Stop Overeating Workbook

Beyond Nutrition: Sleep?

We discuss the Role of Sleep in Managing Your Diabetes

Beyond Nutrition: Exercise?

Physical Activity is for Longevity


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