Diabetes – Step 1


This is a comprehensive program for dealing with your Diabetes, without adding more medications. Clients will gain knowledge on what to cook, how to cook.  Besides nutrition, it tackles other lifestyle factors that are not commonly asked in a routine office visit.

There is also thought work included.  Without managing our thoughts and emotions, this may lead to more unintentional eating.  This and more will be discussed in this course.

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

Welcome to Basics of Diabetes?

In this Lesson, we will define Diabetes, Prediabetes, Remission and Reversal
DM basics
insulin resistance


This is always the question. What can I eat to control sugar or prevent me from worsening my sugar or prevent me from having diabetes

Stop Overeating Workbook

Beyond Nutrition: Sleep?

We discuss the Role of Sleep in Managing Your Diabetes

Beyond Nutrition: Exercise?

Physical Activity is for Longevity


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